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Creating your first Java application with IntelliJ IDEA

Creating your first Java application with IntelliJ IDEA

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create, run, and package a simple Java application that prints Hello, World! to the system ...

IntelliJ IDEA Full Course

IntelliJ IDEA Full Course

Every aspect of IntelliJ IDEA is specifically designed to maximize developer productivity. Together, the powerful static code ...

Tutoriel IntelliJ IDEA de A à Z | Partie 1 | 2021

Tutoriel IntelliJ IDEA de A à Z | Partie 1 | 2021

Fiche Mémoire Raccourcis IntelliJ IDEA : https://bit.ly/3deuGu3 Bonjour à tous ! Dans cette vidéo on va découvrir IntelliJ, qui est ...


IntelliJ IDEA - the Leading Java and Kotlin IDE

IntelliJ IDEA is undoubtedly the top-choice IDE for software developers. Efficiency and intelligence are built into the design, which enables a very smooth development workflow experience, from design, implementation, building, deploying, testing, and debugging, to refactoring! It is loaded with features and also offers a plethora of plugins ...

Download IntelliJ IDEA - The Leading Java and Kotlin IDE

Download the latest version of IntelliJ IDEA for Windows, macOS or Linux.

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is an integrated development environment (IDE) written in Java for developing computer software written in Java, Kotlin, Groovy, and other JVM-based languages. It is developed by JetBrains (formerly known as IntelliJ) and is available as an Apache 2 Licensed community edition, and in a proprietary commercial edition. Both can be ...

IDEs Support (IntelliJ Platform)

What versions of IntelliJ-based IDEs are supported? Apple Silicon Support in JetBrains IDEs Update of Visual Studio keymap in IntelliJ-based IDEs in 2020.1 See all 15 articles Known issues. Can't open projects after updating to 2021.3 Operations Against a GitHub Repository Are Failing ...

Selecting the JDK version the IDE will run under

Linux. Starting from IntelliJ IDEA 2016 and the most recent versions of the lightweight IDEs, we are bundling custom JRE (JetBrains Runtime) with Linux distributions, just like we've been doing for Mac.Our custom JRE is based on OpenJDK and includes the most up to date fixes to provide better user experience on Linux (like font rendering improvements and HiDPI support).

Top 15 IntelliJ IDEA Shortcuts | The IntelliJ IDEA Blog

Most of the automated refactorings in IntelliJ IDEA have their own shortcuts, but we can access all of them with one shortcut: ⌃T (MacOS) or Shift+Ctrl+Alt+T (Windows/Linux). When we press this shortcut on a symbol or selection we are shown the refactoring options available . We can select one with the arrow keys and enter, or we can use the ...

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate - the Essential Spring IDE

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate offers effective, thorough refactorings - safe Rename and Delete, Extract Method, Introduce Variable, Inline Variable or Method, and other refactorings. For example, when you Rename a class within a JPA statement, it will update everything, from the JPA entity class to every related JPA expression. ...

IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 Is Out | The IntelliJ IDEA Blog

IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 now allows the user to specify different external diff and merge tools based on the file type. Profiler. IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate now offers the IntelliJ Profiler - a single profiler configuration that combines the power of Async Profiler with that of Java Flight Recorder. Debugger

JetBrains Account

JetBrains Account provides easy access to your JetBrains products and makes upgrades and migration to new hardware smooth.

IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition . These instructions will help you build IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition from source code, which is the basis for IntelliJ Platform development.

Other Versions - IntelliJ IDEA

The Total Economic Impact™ of IntelliJ IDEA study. Commissioned TEI research conducted by Forrester Consulting. Login. IntelliJ IDEA. Coming in 2023.2 What's New Features Resources Pricing Download. Other Versions. Version 2023.1. 2023.1.2. IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate. 2023.1.2 - Linux aarch64 (tar.gz)

JetBrains Marketplace

JPA Buddy is an IntelliJ IDEA plugin that helps developers work efficiently with Hibernate, EclipseLink, Spring Data JPA, Flyway, Liquibase, Lombok, MapStruct, and... 3,918,444 downloads. Freemium. Key Promoter X. Hal's Corner. The Key Promoter X helps you to learn essential shortcuts while you are working. When you use the mouse on a button ...

The IntelliJ Platform | IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK

The IntelliJ Platform has a full-text editor with abstract implementations of syntax highlighting, code folding, code completion, and other rich text editing features. An image editor is also included. Furthermore, it includes open APIs to build standard IDE functionality, such as a project model and a build system. It also provides an ...


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